Resort/Guest Information and Pre-Arrival Services

Welcome to Ocho Cascadas! In an effort to make your upcoming stay at Ocho one of your best vacations ever, we have assembled the following pre-arrival information that we ask you to read and review before you arrive.

To help us prepare for your stay in paradise, please take a moment to complete our simple pre-arrival form below and hit ‘Submit’ so our staff team at Ocho Cascadas will be ready for your arrival.

Resort Information

Check in time is 4:00 p.m. Check out is 11:00 a.m. Please know we make every effort to accommodate early arrivals and late departures when possible. Let us know and we will do our best. We ask that you please let us know 24 hours in advance if you will check out earlier than Thursday. Please remember to return your keys to the front desk when you check out.

Office Hours Thursday 8 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., Friday – Wednesday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. For your safety, there is a night watchman on duty all night.

Communication Each Villa has Wi-Fi and a phone. Prior to your arrival, please check with your cell phone provider regarding your costs for international calls, texts, and data as rates can be very expensive. There is also a computer with internet in the lobby for member & guest use.

Transportation to Ocho Cascadas A rental car is not needed, or recommended, further on that below. The recommended means of transportation to Ocho Cascadas is to use the airport car service: AeroMovilPVR. They offer excellent service and a discount to Ocho Cascadas guests. AeroMovil can be reached by calling their toll-free number: 011 52 622 221 2896, or via their website at: Make your reservation for a one-way trip. (This, due to an ongoing legal dispute between Federally licensed and local taxi drivers.)

When you arrive at the airport, Aeromovil has a booth in the baggage claim area next to turnstile #7. Visit with the staff there and they will direct you to their check-in counter, located after Customs. Past Customs and before arriving at AeroMovil’s check-in counter you will pass through a hall occupied by many very aggressive timeshare and taxi vendors. Be aware that Ocho Cascadas does not have a representative at the airport, no matter what you are told by the timeshare or taxi agents in this hall. In making your way through this hall, it’s best to make no eye contact and keep moving down the hall!

When you get to the AeroMovil check-in counter you will be offered some refreshing cold bottled water, asked to sign 3 receipts (airport gate clearances). An agent will then take you and your bags to the curb outside the airport and assist in getting you and your bags into your car. Be sure you have your driver take you to the upper entrance (“Ocho Cascadas a la parte de arriba”).

If you prefer a city cab over a hired cab for your trip to Ocho, many taxi options exist at the airport, pick one. The fare should be $20-$30 for 2 people.

If you find AeroMovil’s service to your liking, the front desk can arrange for them to return you to the airport. Or the front desk can also arrange a cab or van for the trip.

During your stay you will find that cabs are plentiful and reasonably priced. In addition to calling a cab, the front desk will verify the correct fare for you.

Driving customs in Mexico are quite different than in the US or Canada. However, if you would like to rent a car to explore the area, rental cars can be arranged at a discount through the front desk and delivered to Ocho for you. You may also find more information about a car rental here.

Advance Grocery Shopping The staff will gladly shop prior to your arrival to stock your villa with a starter supply of food and drinks. Please complete the form below. There is a 20% surcharge to cover costs. Please be aware not everything you have at home will be available in Mexico. Our staff will do the best they can. Payment can be made in cash or credit card at the front desk at the end of your stay. If you have to depart earlier than expected due to unforeseen circumstances, bear in mind we may not be able to have your invoice ready. In case this happens, do not worry, we can send you a PayPal link with the invoice attached as soon as we have it.

U.S. Dollars Bringing plenty of small denomination dollars is always helpful when traveling in Mexico for tipping, taxis, and lots more. Grocery shopping service may be paid by credit card, but our floating chef services, tips, and massage / spa services in your villa must be paid in cash.

Flowers If you have a special occasion or a significant other that appreciates flowers, upon your arrival order them through the pre-arrival form below or order in person at the front desk. You will be astounded at the quality and value of the flowers available in Puerto Vallarta.

Amenities All villas have a hair dryer, iron and ironing board and large pool towels. Shampoo and conditioner are not provided in the villas. You can also stop by the front desk to borrow beach chairs, umbrellas, beach towels, binoculars, books, and board games.

Welcome Supplies Ocho provides owners and guests with a basic supply of ground coffee, sugar, tea, salt, and pepper to start. If you need more, please reach out to the front desk to purchase more.

Maid Service is provided daily. Maids will knock to announce their arrival on the stair side of your villa. If you need special times, please ask the Front Desk. Most of the maids speak and understand limited English. Washing dishes is not considered normal maid duties. If not requested by 12:00 noon when the “Do Not Disturb” sign is posted, maid service will be until the next day; you can request fresh towels at the Front Desk.

Welcome Cocktail Party Typically every Friday from 5:00 – 6:00 pm in the Penthouse or Lobby.

Safe Deposit Box Ocho Cascadas has provided an in-room safe Programmable Digital Lock for your use and convenience, please do not leave important personal belongings or valuables unsecure in your Villa.

Chef Service Ocho Cascadas has floating chefs that will prepare and serve a wonderful meal in the comfort of your villa. The cook will shop for ingredients, prepare, serve and clean up, once finished, breakfast, lunch or dinner. The cost for the service is as follows:

Floating Chef Preparation Services/Tip (both paid, in US dollars or equivalent Pesos, directly to the Chef)

Service: (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) Tip
1 – 2 guests ($30, $30, $45/meal prep service) $10+
3 – 4 guests ($35, $35, $50/meal prep service) $15+
5 – 6 guests ($40, $45, $60/meal prep service) $20+
7 – 8 guests ($50, $55, $70/meal prep service) $30+
9 – 10 guests ($60, $65, $80/meal prep service) $40+
11 – 12 guests ($70, $75, $90/meal prep service) $50+

From 8-12 guests requires a second person and an additional charge of $30

Holidays are double fees: December: 24, 25, 31 & January 1st.

This price does not include the cost of your food and drinks and gratuity. Meals are served Family Style for the entire group; this means one choice per course for the entire group. Reservations for the chef may be made in advance using the form below or at the resort front desk. If you would like to request a chef, please indicate the days and times below. There is a $25 cancellation charge if not cancelled at least 48 hours in advance. Members must submit their menu in advance to reserve the floating chef service.

Tipping Guidelines 2023

Tipping Resort employees is customary throughout Mexico and is greatly appreciated by all the Ocho Staff members. Our dedicated Staff offer their first-class, warm, hospitable services to everyone staying at Ocho Cascadas.

Compensation of service employees in Mexico is considerably different than similar pay customs in the US or Canada. Tipping is a far greater percentage of hotel Staff’s overall compensation and Mexico does not require the staff to report or pay tax on tips. Our Ocho Cascadas staff salaries range from only $4,500 to $9,000 per year! This equates to a pay scale between $12 and $25 per day and most of our employees work 6 days per week. The Ocho Cascadas Board of Directors and members consider our Staff to be “family”. The standard of service we enjoy and the relations we have with our Staff is one of the many significant benefits we enjoy at Ocho Cascadas.

Tipping the Ocho Cascadas staff remains a matter of personal judgement. Should you feel that the service from any of the Staff members needs attention or improvement in any area, we would like to know. Please have a discussion with Rosario, the Ocho Cascadas Manager, early in your stay so that she has the opportunity to correct a less than top quality experience.

Suggested Tips:

US Dollars or Peso Equivalent

Villas 2 – 9

  • Housekeeper – $100/week for your housekeeper
  • Villa, Pool & Maintenance– $100/week for both.
  • Front Desk – (If Front Desk has assisted you during your stay) $30/week
  • Bag Handler - $5/bag

Villas 2-9 will receive 2 tipping envelopes delivered on Wednesday, 1 for Housekeeping, 1 for Maintenance


  • Penthouse 5-star Chef – $250/week 2 – 6 guests $300/week 6 – 8 guests $400/week 8 – 12 guests $500/week 12 + guests
  • Penthouse 5-star Houseman, Bartender - $250/week 2 – 6 guests $300/week 6 – 8 guests $400/week 8 – 12 guests $500/week 12 + guests
  • Penthouse Housekeeping – $150/week
  • Penthouse Pool & Maintenance – $100/week for both.

Penthouse receives 4 tipping envelopes, delivered on Wednesday.

*Should you need additional envelopes, please request from Front Desk

Spa Services Can all be arranged through the front desk and enjoyed in the comfort of your villa. A list of spa services can be found here. All spa services need to be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. There is a cancellation fee if you cancel a service less than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled time.

Sales Ms. Luisa Anderson is available on site to arrange a tour of the other villas and answer questions about the history of Ocho Cascadas, ownership, or a future stay. There is no formal presentation and no pressure.

Reservations for restaurants, in room services, activities, and tours are highly recommended to be made through the front desk who can provide you with additional information and support in case of cancellations or changes.

Local Activities Puerto Vallarta has lots to see and do. Our front desk team has put together a list of the most recommended tours and activities that you can reserve when you arrive. If you would like to make advance reservations, contact the Front Desk directly or via the Pre-Arrival form. Please check out the wide variety of options by choosing Select a Tour.

Security Ocho has a night watchman on duty from 8 p.m. until 8 a.m. and all gates are kept locked. After 11 p.m., there is an intercom at the doors and a simple code access pad that changes weekly to unlock the gate.

Rules and Regulations Please be advised that this is a non-smoking and animal free resort. Download a complete list of the Rules and Regulations.

Safety Precaution During the rainy season, floor tiles in your Villa or around the pools and common areas become extremely slippery. You are highly encouraged to bring non-skid sandals or shoes to prevent accidents. Be extremely careful when using the stairs, common area corridors and elevators when floors are wet.

Local Critters Our facility is located amidst jungle, there are critters that sometime visit our Villas. We highly recommend not feeding the critters or leaving food set out overnight on kitchen counters.

Emergency Medical Services If you need medical assistance, arrangements are in-place with MedAssist Hospital, a local full-service hospital, to provide a doctor (day or night) to your villa: $1500 Pesos (days) and $3000 Pesos (nights). Contact the Front Desk for this service. Doctors’ visits, Urgent Care Clinic Services and Laboratory Services at the hospital have also been arranged at a discount rate with MedAssist should these services be needed.

Please let us know how we can assist you when you send in your Pre Arrival form below. The staff at Ocho Cascadas are here to make your stay the best possible.

We look forward to welcoming you to paradise soon!

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